Jumper T8SG V2 Plusが技適取得!プロポ買うならこれで間違いない!

I made an 85mm whoop and tried flight! Recommended for those who can secure a wider place!


I tried to skip the 85mm frame drones, but I noticed that the power was excellent and that the 75mm whoop drone could demonstrate its original performance with 85mm frame and propeller.

Even if you open less throttle than before, it will fly with the same feeling, so it is a recommended configuration if you can secure a large place.

85mm Whoop Drone(BETA75X custom ver)


“BETA 75X” replaced 85 mm frame!

I decided to exchange BETA 75X for BETAFPV’s 85 mm frame.


BETAFPV Beta85X Frame


BETAFPV 1103 11000kv


4 Pairs Gemfan Hulkie 2036 2×3.6×4 4-blade Propeller for 1105 1106 1108 RC Drone FPV Racing Brushless Motor

6 Pairs Emax AVAN Micro 2 Inch 4-blade RC Drone FPV Racing Propeller for 11XX 4500-6500KV Motor


Crazybee F4 PRO Flight Controller compatible

Crazybee F3 Pro Flight Controller Mobula7 5A 1-2S Compatible

F4 2S AIO Brushless Flight Controller


Gaoneng GNB 2S 7.6V 350mAh HV 4.35V 50C / 100C Lipo Batteri XT30 Plug för Beta75X RC Drone FPV Racing

Coupon code「10GNB」


HTRC t240 duo battery charger

Ultra Power UP-S4AC 4x7W 1A AC/DC 1S-2S LiPO/LiHV 2S-6S NiMH/NiCd Battery Charger With SM XH Micro MX JST mCPX

Flight test video of 85mm frame uploaded!

Today I test flight in a large park.

The throttle is not open at all, but it is different from the drones I have ever had. It seems that the influence of the change of the propeller is quite large, and as the frame gets bigger the stability feeling is increasing.

To that extent, we think that technology will be needed to make small movements, so we recommend 85mm after getting accustomed to 75mm firmly.

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